You are getting ALL OF OUR AUDIO--the Whole Enchilada Sissies! It's just more PREMIUM 90DG content coming at you! In this tier, you get  EVERYTHING in the Pu Pu Platter, PLUS:
  • All our "Love After Lockup" episodes!  Yes, ya'll asked, and finally we CAVED! We're starting out on Season 3, but plan to go back and cover previous seasons as well. Lord help, this show is TRASH (and we love it!)
  • All our CringeTV™ eps! TV you watch through your fingers! Whether it's overly pathologically close mothers/daughters/sisters, a family of 9 blond children, millionaires banging retired hostesses, or just a good ol' fashioned pig show, we've got you covered. Past seasons covered include "sMothered," "Welcome to Plathville," "Marrying Millions," "Pig Royalty," and "Extreme Sisters."
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  • EVERYTHING in the previous tier
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